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Senate Ag Committee holds hearings on climate change (Part 3)

Nebraska Farmer Matt Rezac. Screen capture from Senate Ag Committee hearing.

The Senate Ag Committee recently held a hearing on climate change and heard testimony on what some farmers and ranchers are already doing to protect the environment.

Audio: Full testimony from Nebraska Farmer Matt RezacĀ 

Nebraska Farmer Matthew Rezac testified before the Senate Ag Committee. His family farm has been recognized for its conservation efforts. Rezac says precision technology is critical for the future of stewardship.

Rezac talks about the precision nutrient management used on his family farm and why it is important.

Rezac also said effective conservation tools must provide producers with an economic benefit to their operation.

Rezac said no one entity has all the answers. It will take everyone working together to find solutions.

In our next edition, we will hear from an Air Quality Expert in the livestock industry.