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Seed treatments raise corn yield, cut soybean losses

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Are you looking to add yield in corn and soybeans heading into the spring season? Bayer addresses soybean nematodes and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). The company also launches a new version of soil insecticide for corn.

Nick Tinsley, an entomologist, serves as seed growth technical representative for Bayer. Tinsley says the recently launched ILeVO Seed Treatment offers growers control of problems.

“This is a product used in soybeans. It targets soybean cyst nematodes and other nematodes that have the potential to negatively impact yield, as well as Sudden Death Syndrome which can be very visible when you get a lot of late rains in the summer. Using ILeVO as a seed treatment, growers are able to pretty reliably reduce the impacts of these important diseases and also increase yields in their fields,” Tinsley said.

Bayer has marketed Poncho Votivo for several years for early season use. Tinsley says Bayer recently added an ingredient, restricting the product to corn only and kicked it up to 2.0.

“Poncho Votivo 2.0 is a brand new iteration of the product where we’ve added another biologic or bacteria to formulation,” Tinsley said. “In doing so, we’re able to offer increased value to growers.”

Three years of research show its yield advantage.

“As it turns out, we see a fantastic response on corn,” Tinsley said. “Three-point-eight bushels, on average, compared to Poncho Votivo which in and of itself is a great seed treatment.”