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Seed Treatments Proving Their Worth

Hoosier Ag Today by: Gary Truitt

Seed Treatments Proving Their Worth

seed_treatmentsThis year, growers are looking very closely at every crop production product and checking to see if the benefit is worth the investment. Seed treatments are proving their worth. When it comes to deciding if you need a seed treatment or not, more and more growers are finding that seed treatments are worth the extra cost. Greg Ginisty, with Bayer Crop Science, says that in recent years seed treatments have proven results to show, “Proven results are very important to growers and  Poncho/VOTiVO for example, we have had it on the market for several years and it consistently shows yield gain.” He added that seed treatments not only help crops get off to a good early start, they can now provide protection well into the growing season, “Seed treatments cannot only protect your crop from early season disease, but also from those late season problems like Sudden Death Syndrome.”

BAYER CROPSCIENCE ILEVO LOGOSDS was a problem again in 2015 for many Indiana growers. Bayer’s Kerry Grossweller says protecting your crop from the moment you put it in the ground is a real benefit, “What we saw in 2015 in our field results was where there was SDS with foliar symptoms we saw a 6.5 bpa benefit with ILeVO®.” With planting likely to be in wet soils this year, the benefits of seed treatments may be worth the investment.


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