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Seed Treatment Shows Impact Against Pests and Disease

by Ken Root

Listen Here: Agribusiness Matters 12-28-16

variety-selection-for-sds-with-lineTwo soybean yield robbers were addressed by one new product this year.

The product is called ILeVO and it is made by Bayer Crop Science.

Emily Ewolt, a precision farming coordinator with Growmark, talks about what inputs she had recommended last spring that paid off this fall.

“A lot of growers that used ILeVo seed treatment seemed to find better yields,” Ewolt said.

Mike McCarville, Seed Growth Tech Service Rep with Bayer Crop Science, says his yield increases from ILeVO were impressive.

“In a lot of fields we don’t see any of the above ground symptoms. In a lot of those locations we are seeing 2 to 4 bushel response out of using the treatment,” says McCarville.

Both Growmark and Bayer reps said there are predictable field areas where SDS is likely to cut yields:  compacted soil and wet areas.

The challenge of Soybean Cyst Nematodes is that there are only a couple of resistant breeding lines so growers with problems should choose one of them and see if ILeVO can add another line of defense.