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Seed trait investments paying off for producers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Establishing corn and soybean crops proved challenging this spring. However, most of Iowa’s crop ranks well in regard to condition ratings.

An agrochemical and seed company spokesperson speaks to products, which are helping this year’s crop overcome weather-related challenges. He also sheds a light on newer products, which will help ensure durable crops for years to come.

Syngenta Seeds reports “excellent seed performance,” despite numerous challenges during the growing season.

Eric Boeck, Syngenta Seeds’ head of marketing, says his company seeks to provide seeds, with the ability to overcome difficult situations. He speaks to a new trait, which offers control over corn rootworm.

“We have a new corn trait, which was approved in the EU this year. Agrisure Duracade was approved in the 5122 and 5222 stacks. What that allows farmers to do is use a different rootworm trait on new acres. We have the opportunity to bring these great stacks to corn-on-corn acres, corn-on-soybean acres and allow farmers to manage corn rootworm in a different way,” Boeck said. 

Agrisure Duracade trait stacks offer simplicity, as well as an edge over all other products.

“(It’s) an easy refuge, an integrated refuge in 5122 and 5222. It also offers a four bushel advantage over products, which don’t have the Agrisure Duracade trait. (It) comes in the newest genetics available to farmers,” Boeck said.

Syngenta Seeds is also excited for a new trait offering within their soybean portfolio.

“If you drive around and look at soybeans, they aren’t quite like they used to be. Weed control is a difficult issue for farmers,” Boeck said. “We now have the ability to offer the Enlist soybean package and Xtend soybean packages to farmers. So regardless of what weeds they’re trying to fight or what they’re system is, we can take our industry-leading soybeans and help them be successful.”

Atop of technologies, Syngenta Seeds offers season-long agronomic expertise. 

“The Golden Harvest  brand is ‘Genetics, agronomy and service,'” Boeck said. “With every bag of product comes a seed advisor to help farmers be successful with the products they grow, to get the most ROI out of it.”