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Secretary Naig talks about Iowa’s dry conditions

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As I start work on this story, we are waiting for the start of yet another heat advisory. While this week’s forecast has turned out not to be quite as hot as first thought, we will still be roasting. The next couple of days are going to bring a lot of stress to crops, especially when we aren’t cooling down very much at night.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig talked with us during the last heat wave and said that Iowa can count itself blessed that we at least started the year with a wet spring. That has helped us weather the drought a little bit.

Naig talks about the situation in Western and Northwestern Iowa. It’s not something that can be corrected with one or two rainfalls. We are going to need consistent rains to fight out of the D3 drought we are seeing.

The USDA has just announced emergency CRP grazing opportunities for drought-stricken counties in Iowa. You will be able to find out more on Wednesday’s edition of Profit Matters.