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Seasonal trials highlight technology’s role on-farm

Photo Courtesy of The Climate Corporation

Farmers and ranchers are seeking ways to optimize their performance, especially with the current economic climate. A variety of on-farm trials hopes to shed light on a relatively easy way for farmers to capture more bang for their buck.

Taeger Seed, a DEKALB Asgrow seed dealer, is conducting on-farm trials across its grower network this crop season. Each trial uses Climate FieldView to measure factors such as:

  • Corn and soybean plant populations and the yield impact of different seeding rates
  • Seed treatment on crop emergence
  • Nitrogen management
  • Nematode protection

The on-farm trials attempt to demonstrate how advanced data analytic tools, within Climate FieldView, can help maximize performance, according to Bayer. Julie Edmonds, sales manager of Taeger Seed, offers additional insight.

“The goal of this is so farmers could see the benefit of that,” Edmonds said. “This is the first year. But in saying that, some farmers have already run their own trials.”

Twenty-six farmer participants will be monitoring corn and bean fields throughout the crop season. Edmonds says the trials also provide an opportunity to highlight DEKALB® and Asgrow® seed varieties.

“Sometimes farmers will buy brands that aren’t Dekalb Asgrow and in doing so, they may have a side-by-side. They’re doing a split plant, a Dekalb variety one side and a different brand on the other side. When harvest comes, it’s difficult for them to get a feel for how it came out yield wise, in comparison. FieldView allows them to do a region report, so we can outline the area that was Dekalb and see what the yield was compared to the other brand. It’s going to put a highlight on Dekalb and Asgrow,” Edmonds said.