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Scott Metzger, April 24

We just started on corn yesterday. We’re loading the bean planter up now. We are slowly but surely drying out. We have been so wet and we still have some fields with wheat stubble that are too wet for the planter.

We just planted one field of corn. It usually takes a good half-day to get the bugs worked out of the planter. We needed a software update on the planter for our program through Climate Corp. that runs our prescriptions. Through the growing season we’ll be able to scout fields and pin stuff on there. We have one year of yield data in there and we need to add records from previous years so it can establish varieties and soil sample analysis. It is a complete package and it can eventually give us hybrid recommendations. We’re pretty excited about it.

I’m about half done spraying corn and we just saw the first field of seed wheat we planted is starting to head out. It is coming along pretty quickly. The wheat has good color to it. We got the rest of the 28% on a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully we avoid some of the cold weather they are talking about next week because we are going to be at a critical point for cold weather injury on the wheat. This weekend we got down to 35 or 36 degrees but then it warmed up pretty quickly. We escaped a frost with that one.

If you go west of here to Fayette County or Clinton County, they have been running pretty hard. But Ross, Pike, Pickaway and part of Fairfield got rains that came up from the south that they didn’t get west of us. This week, though, we ought to have a pretty good run, but they are calling for rain late this week and colder temperatures the first week of May. Usually there are one or two days every spring where you shouldn’t plant and we always find them.