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Scientists Talk About Phosphorous

Listen Here: Agribusiness Matters 7-19-16

by Ken Root and Whitney Flach

Now that corn is moving through pollination and nitrogen is in place to bring it along to maturity, scientists want to talk about Phosphorous.  A troublesome nutrient that needs help to become available to plants in the year it is applied.

Phosphorous is notorious for becoming bound up in the soil.  That is an issue being addressed by Verdesian Life Sciences. Todd Carpenter is a soil scientist and he explains “What happens in soil is that phosphorus get bound by the magnesium, calcium, and aluminum in soils.”

Carpenter says there is a way to get phosphorous to be more available. He says, “At Verdesian we have a unique technology that is called Avail. Avail is a highly charged, engineered, micro-molecule that is water soluble.”

Avail gives you 30% more available phosphorus than what you would have untreated. It has been used on 39 millions acres across the United States, and has been very effective.