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Scientific report features nutritional benefits of eggs

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A newly published scientific report highlights the benefits of egg consumption.

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released its official scientific report, which for the first time offers specific recommendations for individuals from birth to 24 months.

American Egg Board CEO Emily Metz says, “We feel (the egg) is a complete nutrient,” which can help prevent cognitive declines, maintain and repair muscle and bone health, and help protect eyes.”

“They’re specifically recommending eggs as a first food for babies, and an important food for toddlers and pregnant women, which is  incredible news for us and our nation’s egg farmers,” Metz said.

The report also outlined concerns regarding dietary intake, which prompted the Committee to recommend a greater intake of deficient nutrients such as choline, which can be found in eggs and egg products.

“Choline is critical for brain health and development. That’s why it was recommended for pregnant women and infants, to start that early life off on the right foot. A lot of Americans haven’t heard about choline because they’re not getting enough,” Metz said.

Evidence suggests “few women who are pregnant exceed the adequate intake for choline.” Consuming two eggs a day will equip one with eight essential nutrients and help satisfy their adequate intake of choline.

For a more in-depth analysis of the health benefits derived from eggs, as well as recipes incorporating eggs, visit www.eggnutritioncenter.org.