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Schoolhouse Rock, Bob Dorough and the 2018 Farm Bill

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As kids, many of us heard those familiar tunes on our Saturday morning cartoons (Those of us farm kids who got to waste a Saturday morning watching cartoons).

Schoolhouse Rock taught us many valuable life lessons: Counting by threes, what conjunctions do and even the preamble to the constitution. However, my favorite installment taught us how a bill becomes a law.

It was a rather extensive explanation for children on how an idea becomes a bill and how a bill becomes law. As I listened to the spot, this morning, I was shocked at how much that song mirrored some of the things going on with the 2018 Farm Bill.

The song tells listeners how the bill moves through committee, and how sometimes the debate can be intense. The Farm Bill just was marked up last week in the House Ag Committee, with no support from committee Democrats. Now, I am not here to start the debate over SNAP or work requirements, I am just illustrating some parallels.

The ditty also explains what happens after a bill leaves committee. How it travels to the houses of the U.S. Congress.

After all the debates the Farm Bill could be on the way to President Trump’s desk. At least “we hope, and we pray.”

I am still amazed a Schoolhouse Rock song would still resonate with me as I go through my life as a farm broadcaster.

Bob Dorough composed many of those famous lessons to catchy, easy-to-remember tunes. Mr. Dorough passed away on Monday at the age of 94