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Salford launches new range of precision granular applicators for cover crop and fertilizer application

Salford introduced the Valmar 56 series, a new line of granular applicators to replace its successful, long-running 55 series line. The 56 series granular applicators feature polyethylene hoppers, a new ISOBUS controller and the ability to control up to four separate metering sections.

The new 56 series was designed based on feedback from producers, and offers the same versatility, simplicity, and reliability as its predecessor — but with greater options and advanced features. Much like its predecessor, the 56 series quickly and accurately meters a variety of seed and granular product sizes at a range of rates. It is routinely set up for cover crop seeding with tillage implements, heavy harrows, high clearance sprayers, and a variety of other implements — allowing producers to accomplish more work with each pass.

“The most noticeable upgrade is the translucent, high-density, polyethylene hopper. The 55 series tank was made of carbon steel, which limited the use of corrosive products such as fertilizer,” said Brad Baker, Salford’s Product Manager. “When paired with new optional stainless-steel metering, the polyethylene 56 series is ideal for expanding fertilizer application capacity on implements such as planters. The tanks are available in two sizes, including: the 40-cubic foot 4056, and the 60-cubic foot 6056.”

Available mounting options include the three-point hitch mount and the chariot (tow behind) cart, both of which eliminate the need for implement-specific mounting brackets and hardware — making it instantly compatible with virtually any implement. The ease of hitching and unhitching to different implements allows producers to switch between applying starter fertilizer with your planter, to seeding cover crops in no time. The updated platform, paired with the above mounting options that keep the hopper closer to the ground, make filling and calibrating the 56 series safer and more user friendly.