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Russia accused of “weaponizing hunger”

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As we get ready to enter the 5th month of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are seeing the toll being taken around the world. With the amount of food that Ukraine provides to that part of the world, the loss of their exports has been causing many problems.

While Putin tries to put on a face of humanity and says that he wants to make deals to ship out ag exports from Ukraine, nobody trusts him at his word, because the only thing his word is good for is to fertilize cropland. We also don’t know who is going to profit from these sales. While many governments have not outright accused Putin of stealing the food supplies in Ukraine, Ukrainian farmers have had no trouble saying it at all.

The strain also puts pressure on the rest of the world to produce even more food to try and overcome the situation Russia has put the world into. House Ag Committee Ranking Member Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, a Pennsylvania Republican, says farmers need the tools required to up any production.

Russia has been accused of weaponizing hunger as it blockades Ukrainian ports. Farmers are trying to do their work while wearing bulletproof vests and helmets. Food prices around the globe have increased 10-20% as the White House warns of a “mass starvation event.” Missouri Representative Jason Smith added more about how inflation is hurting rural America.

The U.S. expanded more sanctions against Iran on fuel and natural gas, hoping to force them to the negotiating table on another nuclear agreement. However, the only thing the sanctions have accomplished so far is to raise fuel prices at home.