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Rootworm Beetle Populations Across Iowa

By Whitney Flach

Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) conducted an On-Farm Network led study on corn rootworm beetle populations across Iowa. The populations are emerging, according to the study. The ISA data was gathered from monitoring sticky traps in more than 180 fields across the state during the month of August.

Counts above two beetles per day or about 14 beetles per week suggest that farmers should change their management practices. On average, the highest number of both northern and western corn rootworm was in Northeast and Eastern Iowa.

Every field is different. Farmers have different rotations, traits and insecticide programs, so the number of beetles varies drastically even in neighboring fields.

Tristan Mueller, ISA operations manager said, “Farmers should be aware of the numbers of adult corn rootworm beetles in their fields, and this project was implemented to provide that information.”