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Rising farmer network hopes to shake up Big Ag

Co-founder of Farmers Business Network, Charles Baron, opens second annual Farmer2Farmer conference in Omaha Dec.13, 2016. Photo by Ben Nuelle.

by Ben Nuelle

A Pella farmer says an up and coming network of farmers is a game-changer for agribusiness.

Dennis Bogaards is a member of Farmers Business Network.

“What first attracted me to Farmers Business Network was the analytics and the data. We spend a lot of money to collect data, yield information and planting information and all this. As I looked at the way we were using information, I wasn’t really satisfied with what we were using to interpret it and how we were looking at it and I just wanted more.”

Bogaards says that is what first brought him to FBN.

“They are looking at information in a different way than we have in the past. It’s always been we printed off a pretty-colored yield map and look at and go ‘Yeah we had some bad spots and poor spots’ but there is more to it than that. That is what I really liked about FBN is really digging deeper.”

FBN’s Farmer2Farmer conference wrapped up Wednesday in Omaha.