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RFA’s Geoff Cooper wants to see movement on E15 rule

Photo courtesy of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Associaton (IRFA)

In October, President Trump directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a rule to allow for the year-round sales of E15. All last summer we heard from Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler about how close they were from having an agreement to getting E15 done. However, we are two and a half months past the Presidential announcement, and we still have no rule.

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is concerned with the timetable in implementing a year-round E15 rule, especially if we were so close to one last summer and fall. RFA’s CEO Geoff Cooper weighs in.

Cooper says the EPA has done their homework on E15. The Renewable Fuels Association is confident in the research which has been done. Cooper believes the rule just needs to be released.

Cooper also says even with the changing congressional landscape in Washington, they feel confident in the level of support they will receive for ethanol and renewable fuels in general. Cooper says there could even be more of an opportunity to share ethanol’s story now.

The hope of the ethanol industry is to see a rule for year-round E15 sales by the beginning of the 2019 summer driving season.