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Reynolds hopeful for increased RFS volume requirements

Photo by Anna Hastert

The Governor hopes to see an increase in upcoming Renewable Volume Obligations in the Renewable Fuels Standard.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must release RVOs for the upcoming year by Thursday. Administrator Scott Pruitt and President Donald Trump promised to maintain RVOs proposed in July. Governor Kim Reynolds holds Pruitt to his promise, as she believes, they play an important role in Iowa.

“It’s important to the rural Iowa economy and our Iowa farmers, especially with commodity prices where they’re at now,” Reynolds said. “It’s important that we maintain what the statute was designed to do, and that was to increase biofuels usage and drive innovation in the renewable fuels industry. In my conversations with both the President and Administrator Pruitt, they indicated that their goal was to meet the intent of the statute.”

Reynolds says she won’t stop fighting for Iowans after final numbers are released.

“It is important to our economy and rural Iowa, and it’s how we add value to the products we grow. Hopefully, this Thursday we’ll have the numbers. I’m going to get up on Friday and I’m going to go back to the mat, and we’re going to continue to fight on behalf of Iowans and Iowa farmers because we believe it’s important. Not only do we have the responsibility to feed the world, but we in fact can feed and fuel the world and our farmers are the number one at doing that.”

The EPA will release an announcement any day now.