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Restaurants feeling equipment supply chain issues

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U.S. restaurants feeling supply chain issues for their food products are also contending with issues around upgrading kitchen equipment. It can sometimes take months to get equipment in the door, thanks to a backlog of imports that has left two dozen or more container ships waiting outside of U.S. ports.

Mark Rossi, CEO of Avanti Restaurant Solutions, said that the supply chain challenges could be expected to persist until at least January 2023, or longer. The supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic stems from labor issues, including a lack of truck drivers and manufacturer’s struggling to bring workers back. The lack of truck drivers creates backlogs of shipments at U.S. ports, as container ships are forced to wait longer to unload.

The challenge for restaurant operators comes as they’re dealing with their own issues, including a labor shortage and trouble getting food supplies in the door.