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Restaurant labeling law means changes on menus

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The Food and Drug Administration rules on food labeling at restaurants have gone into effect. You are going to notice some changes in menus when you go out to eat.

Consumers are looking at what is in their food in the supermarket, but that information has not always been available to consumers at their favorite restaurant. Jessica Dunker President & CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association says this has been a decade-long collaboration.

Some restaurants have already made the changes in their menus, but others still have a year to get into compliance.  Buffet-style restaurants are going to have more problem complying with the labeling law. The one-year cushion gives them time.

There are 6,200 restaurants and bars in Iowa. Two-thirds of these are independent establishments and are exempted.

So how does this all work? Dunker explains the process and why it is cost-prohibitive to small establishments.