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Two “I state” Republicans in congress fear Clinton will change RFS if elected

by Ben Nuelle World of Agriculture 8-10-16

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton returns to Des Moines Wednesday. This is the first time she’s been back since the primaries. Secretary Clinton will hold a rally at Lincoln high school in Des Moines.

An Iowa Senator and Illinois congressman are concerned she’ll make changes to the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Recently, Clinton admitted talking to the California Resources Board about changing the RFS law.

Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis says he has struggling corn farmers in his east-central Illinois district and says Clinton should not make any changes to the RFS if elected.

“You know we went from a very insecure position of fuels and fuel security in this country, to one that’s much more secure in our homeland, and that’s because of the RFS. I support the RFS. I think we should abide by what is law.”

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says she is going against what she told the Cedar Rapids Gazette earlier. Which was that she supported the RFS.

“If she supports RFS, it doesn’t sense that till 2021 or 2022. When the sun sets she ought to way in at the particular time. But if she told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that she is supporting RFS and now she is looking for a way out of supporting it she is not pro-ethanol that she wants us to believe.”

The campaign says Clinton just wants to get the RFS “back on track” and promote more use of advanced biofuels.

Sources: NAFB and Hoosier Ag Today