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Republican Party begins to align with Trump on TPP

by Staff

Now that Trump is officially the Republican Presidential Candidate, are he and the GOP the same page with TPP?

The Republican Party platform now endorses a policy on international trade closely resembling comments presidential nominee Donald Trump has made.

Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports the new platform calls for “agreements that put America first.” It also says a Republican President “will fight for parity in trade agreements, and will be ready to implement countervailing duties if other countries refuse to cooperate.”

The Republican Party has supported trade agreements in the past, and it’s 2012 platform said a Republican President would complete negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The apparent change in trade support comes despite the official platform saying directly that “America is the largest ag exporter in the world, and those exports are vital for other sectors of the economy.” The Republican Party says each dollar of ag exports generates another $1.27 in business activity.