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Rep. Hinson outlines 2022 agricultural priorities

Congresswoman Hinson Official Portrait

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson has several agricultural priorities this year.

Hinson says she will continue to stand up for Iowa’s biofuel industry. In November, she introduced the Defend the Blend Act – a measure that would prohibit the EPA from reducing ethanol blending requirements once the Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) levels are finalized for any given year.

“We’ve seen some missed opportunities to help drive down costs for consumers,” Hinson said. “One thing I’m going to continue working on to get across the finish line is Defend the Blend. We’ve seen the EPA overstep on some of these decisions.”

Hinson says another goal is to continue working with colleagues on price transparency for Iowa cattle farmers.

“That’s been in the news with some of the push from the administration, but I think we need clear legislation to make sure things are fair. That will help on the consumer side too because you look at the prices of everything going up, and I think that’s a way we could address some of the costs facing consumers.”

Hinson explains she also plans to push back against overregulation in the ag sector.

“We are continuing to get feedback from folks on Waters of the U.S. type of regulation. People consider that to be overregulation. We’ll continue to push back against policies like that which are wrong for Iowa, while still working to support our producers.”

Hinson talks about a couple of her other agricultural priorities for 2022.

“Pushing back against other states. I introduced the Eats Act, which is designed to help say our products should be sold via interstate commerce in other states. And then finally, conservation practices and how important that is from not just a production standpoint, but from a conservation, water quality, flood and water management standpoint.”

Congresswoman Hinson made her comments during her latest press call with Iowa reporters on Friday.