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Rep. Ashley Hinson talks with northeast Iowa Farmers in Osage

Photo courtesy of Representative Ashley Hinson's Office

Agriculture is the most essential industry to the global population. It covers everything we need to eat. That is why industry reps want to be at the table when ideas are being shared about how to improve the environment. Not only to discuss how changes will affect the industry but to also share those stories about how many farmers have already taken the bull by the horns and implemented successful practices on their own. And when these discussions are happening in the halls of Congress, it is important that Iowa’s representatives are on the ground to see what is being accomplished, so they can articulate those achievements back in Washington, D.C.

Recently, Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (R-1st) visited the Wayne Fredericks farm in Osage, to learn about the conservation practices that are working around her district. She said it was good to hear from producers about their stories; stories she can take back to the Capitol.

Hinson says that there isn’t a lot of knowledge about what rural Iowa can do for the future of environmental and energy policy in the United States. Hinson says she is doing what she can to help spread the message of Iowa’s producers and biofuels industry to anyone who needs to hear it.

Hinson also listened to the concerns of those farmers she talked to. The biggest concern that she had brought to her was over taxes and farm succession. Hinson said that Iowa farms cannot shoulder the costs of what she calls a “spending spigot that has been turned on.”

Hinson also talked with farmers about her Precise Act that helps open up resources to allow farmers to access precision technology and expand rural broadband.