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Regulation Weighing Down Agriculture

by Ken Root

Although The Obama Administration has just three-months left in office, it is not finished issuing new regulations.

To put regulations in perspective, According to a recent study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute the cost of regulations at almost $1.9 trillion, now exceeds that of Federal individual and corporate income taxes.

National Pork Producers spokesperson Dave Warner, says the Latest USDA pending rules sent to the White House would define unfair practices and preferences in the buying and selling of livestock and deal with poultry grower ranking systems

An Informa Economics study put the cost of a similar 2010 proposed livestock marketing rule at $420 million a year.

Warner says the last eight years have seen many new rules that are squeezing agriculture’s bottom line.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall, says the business climate for agriculture is already tough. He suggests a handful of factors are driving business decisions for agriculture. Specifically, he points to regulations and the corporate tax structure as the biggest factors driving business decisions today.