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Refugee Regulations Could Squeeze U.S. Meatpackers Labor Pool

An executive order by President Donald Trump to suspend refugee arrivals could harm meatpacking companies.

The Wall Street Journal reports that meat packers rely on foreign-born workers to fill tough jobs in rural America, and could now face labor shortages.

The executive order suspended the refugee program four months, and would cut the number of refugees allowed into the United States in half to 50,000.

The move comes as dozens of meat packers are expanding or building new facilities, following two years of high profits.

Meat packers often look for foreign-born workers to fill jobs most Americans are unwilling to perform.

North American Meat Institute CEO Barry Carpenter says he hopes the Trump administration, “Will give careful consideration” the impact these changes would have on meatpacking companies, and on foreign-born workers who are eager to build new lives in America,” through the jobs meat packers can offer.