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RCIS has the tools to coordinate your data to benefit your operation

Photo Courtesy of RCIS

Precision Ag data is nothing new. We have had it around for many years. What you may not realize is the rate of growth in this technology. Just over this past year, we have seen a growth rate of 400% in the use of precision ag tools. The tools are as varied as the companies out there. Everybody seems to have their own system. So, with data coming in from so many different sources, how do the people who need it, make sense of it all. Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) has made upgrades to their data platforms to make proper use of all the information that is sent to them for their crop reporting maps.

Billy Meade is with RCIS, he talks about the importance of making all this varied data work in a way that allows them to compile it in a useful form. The secret is to take all this information and find ways of converting it into one piece of information. Many of the vendors were willing to work with RCIS to make this happen.

Meade says the biggest change in the past few years is competing companies coming together for a common good. They realize producers don’t have a limitless income to run a dozen different data apps. If they can come up with a standard that helps RCIS leverage this data in a useful way, it will be more beneficial to those separate companies and to agriculture as a whole.

Meade explains that producers need to work with their RCIS agents to find out how they can use their technology to maximize what they are able to do in their operations.

If you are worried about the security of your data, Meade describes how your information is protected.

For more information on RCIS and the services they offer, visit their website.