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Raising livestock and poultry sustainably with probiotics

Photo by Riley Smith

Sustainability in farming is a major focus of nearly every branch of the agriculture industry. From growing row crops, to raising herds of livestock, to individual animal health.

Chr. Hansen is a company that uses good bacteria in probiotics to promote more sustainable farming in the livestock and poultry industries. Dr. Steve Lerner, Head of Marketing and Product Management, Animal Health and Nutrition, North America, says that probiotics are a direct way to raise animals more sustainably.

Simply put, probiotics can act like an engine tune-up. Good bacteria and gut health allow for better feed efficiency and improved immunity which also allows the animal to better convert nutrients in their feed to produce meat.

Animals that are treated with probiotics can actually improve the environment because they are using fewer resources and producing less waste.

There are multiple avenues through which probiotics are delivered to each animal. Pellets mixed with feed are a primary source of probiotic delivery.

For more information on how to improve your operation through sustainability practices utilizing probiotics in livestock and poultry visit: https://www.chr-hansen.com/en/animal-health