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Rabo AgriFinance wants you to be aware of your marketing surroundings

Photo courtesy of Rabo AgriFinance

There is so much to be aware of when you are looking to market your crops. Many factors are going to come into play after a year like 2019. The folks at Rabo AgriFinance want you to be aware of all these factors, the ones you can control as well as what you cannot. Being aware will give you the best position to be successful in the future.

Audio: Full Interview with Erin Fitzpatrick of Rabo AgriFinance

I spoke with Rabo’s Erin Fitzpatrick. She said first and foremost we need to be aware of the effects 2019 had on our crops and how that can affect them at marketing time. We also need to be aware of the trade situation and where will demand be in 2020.

Fitzpatrick says the effects of 2019 will carry into the spring of 2020 as we look to get started again.

Fitzpatrick said get your marketing plan figured out as soon as possible and get it locked in. If you can do that, you have a better chance of being successful over just winging it.

The moral of the story is to be ready to make hay when the sun shines. We learned last year that the market did react to bad weather and planting time…for a week. Fitzpatrick says if you have a chance, don’t hesitate or get greedy.

You can find more information on the services of Rabo AgriFinance on their website.