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Providing farmers options for their specific operation

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The Brevant seeds name is still very new. The seed wing of Corteva Agriscience, Brevant seeds, was developed to deliver Corteva’s high performing germplasm to the marketplace. Tony Moellers, a retail product agronomist with Brevant, says that the new name has generated a lot of interest from farmers.

Farmers across the state of Iowa saw a widespread range of weather and other challenges during the 2022 growing season. Moellers says that developing a line of strong products that customers trust is key to combating all the challenges a farmer faces.

Drought stress and tar spot were hurdles for many Iowa farmers last year. Moellers says that a diverse product line is needed to combat a wide range of issues that a farmer might deal with.

Farmers in the United States have access to the best available when it comes to seed. Moellers says the way to earn and keep a customer is performance of the seed, on a consistent basis.

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