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Providing carbon credit opportunities for livestock producers

Photo by Riley Smith

Most people think of row crop opportunities when they talk about carbon credits, but there are opportunities for livestock producers who own land as well. The folks at Graze Master Group saw this potential and partnered with Agoro Carbon to offer some carbon credit options for farmers and ranchers. Graze Master Group Co-Founder Del Ficke said they want to help those producers get some extra dollars out of their conservation practices.

Ficke said that pasture and rangeland are often overlooked when compared to other carbon sink options.

While pasture carbon credits are certainly different from row crop, Ficke said there are several similarities between them.

Ficke said that most producers would only have to make slight adjustments to their practices in order to take advantage of carbon credits.

Ficke added that Graze Master Group has plenty of online resources for producers who are interested in carbon credits.

For more information, visit https://www.grazemastergroup.com/.