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Protein Challenge Supports New Year’s Resolutions

AMES, IA – As Americans strive to improve their diets and become more active with New Year’s resolutions, it is important to remember to have protein in the diet. Nutrition research shows that people looking to lose or maintain a healthy weight, support a healthy metabolism and/or age more vibrantly may benefit from consuming a balanced amount of high-quality protein throughout the day, within calorie goals.

“Most Americans currently consume two-thirds of their total daily protein intake at dinner,” says Brooke German, Director of Marketing for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “Distributing protein throughout the day includes feeling satisfied after a meal which help reduce mindless eating.”

The 30 Day Protein Challenge, developed by the Beef Checkoff Program, was launched in April of 2015 and is continuing throughout the New Year. The 30 Day Protein Challenge is a fun, step-by-step plan to help get a balanced amount of protein at each meal throughout the day.

One serving of beef (3 ounces) provides 50% of the recommended Daily Value of protein. Some of the more remarkable benefits of eating protein throughout the day include feeling satisfied after a protein-packed meal, which helps reduce mindless eating. Also, meals with protein helps to build muscle and reduce body fat.

German states, “Lean beef is an excellent source of protein and can help provide success to anyone participating in the 30 Day Protein Challenge.”

The challenge can begin at any time. The majority of the first week is spent tracking food intake to identify where to add or shift protein within daily meals and snacks. By receiving a daily email throughout the challenge will provide daily goals and tips, plus advice and inspiration.

Participates can sign up or learn more by visiting www.BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com/ProteinChallenge