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Protecting early planted soybeans

Photo courtesy of BASF

Agribusinesses continue to release new technologies, helping farmers yield their next best crop.

Today we speak to a new fungicide seed treatment, which aims to protect early planted soybeans.

BASF plans to release a new fungicide seed treatment, on a limited basis, soon. Troy Bauer, seed treatment technical representative with BASF, speaks to the new product, which will protect against the four major seedling diseases affecting soybeans.

“It is called Obvious® Plus. The fungicide seed treatment controls four of the main seedling diseases soybeans experience, in terms of Pythium, Phytphora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium,” Bauer said. “It does an outstanding job. It should be the best product in the marketplace, bringing a one-and-a-half bushel per acre yield advantage over our best competitors.”

Obvious® Plus is unique, in that it encompasses the F500 ingredient. Bauer says this characteristic will provide cold tolerance to early planted soybean plants.

“It’s systemic, so it will protect the roots and above-ground portion,” Bauer said. “As growers think about soybeans and trying to maximize their yield potential, many are planting earlier. Many of the growers I know, in Iowa and surrounding states, have one planter for beans and one for corn, so they’re planting crops at the same time. Sometimes growers are starting to plant with soybeans.”

Obvious® Plus stems from a need to maximize yield potential, which helps increase profitability.  

“When they plant earlier, that seed sits in the ground for a long time; it needs improved cold tolerance. Anytime you can get uniform emergence, soybeans out of the ground and maximize nodes above ground, pods and seeds per pod, you’re going to maximize yield potential and your profitability. Obvious® Plus is built for those types of conditions,” Bauer said.

For more information about Obvious® Plus, contact your local BASF retailer.