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Protect soybean plants with pre-emergent products

Photo Courtesy of FMC

Several agribusiness have been pushing the old adage, “Start clean, stay clean.”

Perhaps the best way to go about this is by applying pre-emergent herbicides.

FMC Ag Solutions encourages use of pre-emergent herbicides, especially on soybeans.

“With soybeans, it’s important to get a pre-emerge on because we don’t have as many effective options to spray post-emerge,” Brent Nueberger, FMC Ag Solutions senior sales manager said. “There’s going to be situations with Mother Nature, and with new traits, we might not apply correctly or at the right time. Having a pre-emerge on is going to buy them (growers) time and flexibility in those post-treatments,” Brent Nueberger, FMC Ag Solutions senior technical sales manager said.

Nueberger realizes farmers do not always have time to spray every planted acre.

However, he adds a lot more ground could be covered ahead of planting.

“With a lot of these products, we can go pre-plant. We can go 10-14 days ahead of planting. Once that bean comes up, not only our chemistry, but other competitive products cannot be applied,” Nueberger said. “Our arsenal is (then) diminished and with resistance, we want to have as many options as we can.”

FMC Ag Solutions continues to help growers manage weeds, after more than 120 years. It expanded its herbicide portfolio last year, with Authority Supreme.

“It’s a premix of a Class 14 and Class 15.. Two very effective modes of action, (and) probably the most effective modes of action on waterhemp. By putting those together in the jug, we’re giving them (growers) multiple mechanisms, of effective modes of action, for the weed everybody asks us about,” Nueberger said.

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