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Propane isn’t just for grain drying

Source: Wikimedia Commons

With the strange growing year that we had in 2018, we talked about many aspects of how the crops were affected. We talked about the importance of grain quality and storage. The one key ingredient to this grain quality equation is propane. However, the Propane Education Research Council (PERC) wants to remind ag producers about how versatile propane can be on other aspects of your operation.

PERC’s Mike Newland says propane is burned in about 80% of grain drying systems. It is what they consider to be a mature market. Newland says while farmers know what to expect from propane in their dryers, it also is an efficient option for heating on the farm. Especially because it doesn’t offer any exhaust issues for livestock.

Propane is also getting a foothold into the irrigation market. It is an alternative to diesel for powering the systems.

Newland says propane is a safe and clean fuel, and there is a large supply available. Propane has strong exports, and PERC is working to find ways to increase its demand here at home.

To find out more about what propane can do for your operation, visit with your heating and equipment retailers and be sure to visit the PERC website.