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Propane is ready for the drying and heating seasons

PECR's Mike Newland (L) visits with IARN's Dustin Hoffmann (IARN Photo)

There are a few terms that we have been hearing more and more, and they are frankly giving us some form of PTSD. Whether it’s “supply chain”, “shortages”, or “shipping challenges”, we have been conditioned to become skeptical of the availability of the supplies we need for some reason or another. So, it is quite refreshing to hear that one of the supplies many of us use for grain drying and heating, is well supplied just before these seasons get underway.

Mike Newland is with the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) and he talked with me about the availability of propane for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

There had been concerns earlier in the year that there may not be enough when the season rolled around. Newland explains how they were able to overcome that challenge.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the cost. The economic times have us trying to squeeze the most out of every penny. Newland says that right now propane is looking very economical against other fuel sources. He encourages producers to lock in prices as soon as they can.

To learn more about the many uses of propane visit the PERC website at propane.com.