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Propane is a leader in the Clean Energy Revolution

Propane Education & Research Council
Photo courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council

There are several uses for propane in the typical farming operation. In the past, we have talked about the uses of propane for heating, grain drying, and weed control. However, it goes beyond those three basic uses. To fully appreciate the options that propane gives you, you must look beyond just the physical applications and see how it helps you in other ways.

Audio: Full interview with Mike Newland of the Propane Education and Research Council.

Mike Newland is the Director of Agriculture Business Development for the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC). He says as we are going full throttle into the winter heating season, propane gives farmers a sense of control.

Newland says that backup systems and generators that can be powered by propane can give farmers peace of mind in the knowledge that they can get back up and running quickly and efficiently if there is a power disruption.

As the topic of the environment comes more and more to the forefront, Newland says that propane offers a clean choice that is safe and responsible. Propane has been part of the Clear Air Act since 1990.

Newland reminds us that the incoming Biden Administration campaigned on environmental issues. He says that the propane industry is in a good position to adapt to any changes that could come down the pipeline.

To learn more about the propane industry and options for your operation, log on to the Propane Education and Research Council website.