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Practical Farmers of Iowa partners with Smithfield Grain

Photo courtesy of Practical Farmers of Iowa

Practical Farmers of Iowa is partnering with Smithfield Grain’s Davis County plant to purchase small grains and add cover crops to Iowa fields.

Sarah Carlson with Practical Farmers of Iowa – a non-profit organization that supports agricultural producers – says this cost-sharing program reaches the core of PFI’s values.

“We know we have to do right by the soil. So, it will do right by us,” Carlson said. “Adding in diverse crop rotations, cover crops, and helping with reverse tillage helps our farms be more resilient, but we know it’s not easy. It’s been great to have Smithfield get interested in buying more oats and wheat, so farmers have a market for those small grains, then couple that with our cost-share for the cover crops.”

Carlson hopes this program entices farmers to consider small grains.

“This is a time where we need to plant small grains,” she said. “Farmers are on the fence thinking about only growing corn and soybeans because commodity prices have rallied. This program allows you to have that market and de-risk the practice by getting the cost-share. The practice will really pay for itself.”

Brian Caswell of Smithfield Grains praised the partnership in an interview with KMA Radio.

“Smithfield is very excited to be working with the Practical Farmers of Iowa and allowing us to opening up new markets for our local farmers,” Caswell said. “At the end of the day, that is Smithfield’s goal. We want to make our local producers as comfortable as possible.”

The cover crops cost $15 an acre. Anyone interested in purchasing small grains as part of this program can visit www.smithfieldgrain.com or contact Caswell at 910-284-0760.