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Podcast combines agriculture with pop culture

Photo courtesy of CropLife America

AUDIO: Kellie Bray, CropLife America

The CropLife Foundation partners with a California plant pathologist to produce a podcast.

The podcast, POPagriculture, is produced by Steve Savage. POPagriculture combines Savage’s knowledge of agriculture with his interest in pop culture.

“What an interesting melding of things that are fun and interesting in pop culture and how that ties back to how we grow our food,” senior director of government relations for CropLife America Kellie Bray said. “It’s been really fun to see that combination through his various podcasts.”

The podcast ranges in topics from naturally occurring chemicals to “sick” plants. Through POPagriculture, Savage hopes to reach consumers and producers.

“Steve does a great job telling the story,” Bray said. “He has a podcast about wine and organics might not mean what you think – some of those common questions that consumers have. But for those of us involved in agriculture, some (of his podcasts) have good background and history on how things have evolved to agriculture today.”

POPagriculture can be found on iTunes, Google Play Music and popagriculture.com.