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Plenty of new activities and food for this year’s Iowa State Fair

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Believe it or not, the 2022 Iowa State Fair will be upon us in only a few short weeks. Last year was an interesting year with it being the first fair after the start of the pandemic, but the fair came back as strong as ever and even saw some great attendance numbers. This year is even more of a return to the familiar, as they will be able to implement even more things they learned from last year. Iowa State Fair CEO Gary Slater said they had to try to remember how some things were supposed to go last year since there was a 2-year gap, but they’re ready and raring to go for this year.

With the year off from the fair, you could tell that people were going to be excited to go when the fair was back, and that was proven with great attendance numbers. Slater said that, while the economy may have some influence this year, he expects this to be another great year for attendance.

There are also several returning fair activities that weren’t possible during the COVID pandemic. Slater said they look forward to the return of the Farm to Fair dinner, which serves an important educational function.

One of the newest renovations to the fair is the new 4-H building. This building was a great addition for last year’s fair, and it brings that part of the fairground to a bit more of a modern state. Slater said it’s great to have a state-of-the-art building for Iowa’s young 4-H’ers.

Slater talked about some of the other recent renovations as well, all of which have the goal of making the fair a fun, enjoyable, and comfortable experience for everyone.

People come from far and wide to check out our state fair, which provides an amazing opportunity to educate more people about what agriculture is really like. Slater said the Iowa State Fair has an awesome blend of entertainment and education.

There’s something for everyone at the Iowa State Fair, and while most people come for the entertainment, they also have highly competitive livestock shows. Whether you’re watching the final drive for the hog show or the Governor’s Charity Steer Show, you’ll be able to find some of the highest quality livestock and showmen in the ring. Slater said the atmosphere for the shows at the fair is nearly unmatched across the nation.

Slater also touched on the circle of giving that the Governor’s Charity Steer Show has created at the fair.

Now, if you ask me, the most exciting part of a new fair is the new fair foods everyone can try. There’s always a great variety of amazing new foods, and this year is no different. Slater said they have 53 new food items this year and they have it narrowed down to the 3 best finalists, which the fair goers will be able to vote for and pick a winner.

With so many new things to enjoy, it can be a tall task to keep track of everything. That’s why Slater said he encourages everyone to download the Iowa State Fair app, which makes finding new activities and fair foods a breeze.

For more information on this year’s fair, visit https://www.iowastatefair.org/.