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Planning ahead for 2019 growing season

Photo courtesy of WinField United

Each year, farmers have to make various decisions.

As you start to plan for next year, an agronomist encourages you to lay a firm foundation.

AUDIO: Andy Schmidt, WinField United

The 2018 growing season has come and gone.

Farmers must now make important decisions, influencing next years crop. Andy Schmidt, agronomist with WinField United, says it is always good to start out with a plan.

“Try to have a good crop plan for 2019 that not only goes for weed control, but fertility as well,” Schmidt said. “Work with your trusted advisor and (ask), ‘What problem weeds did I have in my field?’ and make adjustments for 2019. Using pre-emergent herbicides, a two-pass system, herbicide program in corn gives the best option to control these weeds for 2019.”

WinField United offers farmers privately-owned products. Schmidt says WinField United helps farmers pair an adjuvant with a mode of action, to help deliver the best weed control results.

“We strive to deliver modes of action with the right adjuvants,” Schmidt said. “Our class act brands, from an adjuvant standpoint, and our lock series of adjuvants helps us deliver that mode of action, keep it in the field and get more of the herbicide down to the target weed, so we get the best opportunity to control those weeds.”

Schmidt understands farmers have a tough choice to make, when it comes to selecting inputs. He suggests farmers sit down with a certified adviser to find out what works best for their operation.

“What we try to do is – What’s our fields’ history? What are the fertility levels in our fields? Good soil sampling procedures that we’ve done in the last few years will help guide us. Good tissue sampling also allows us to have a guide. To ensure a good crop, we have to use the right inputs for that acre as well, so work with a trusted advisor at a retail location. We’re trying to help growers make those decisions and use their money the best we can to get the best return on investment for their farm,” Schmidt said.