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Pivot Bio Proven gives farmers confidence and peace of mind

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Getting every edge you can in agriculture is key to more bushels per acre. Pivot Bio has its Proven product out which is an in-furrow microbial product that produces nitrogen for the corn plants it is applied to. This means the product gives nitrogen to the plant throughout the growing season. They saw great results in their 2018 field trials. In 2019, they backed it up even further.

Mark Reisinger is Pivot Bio’s Sr. Director of Commercial Operations. In 2018, they saw their Proven product of microbial nitrogen production was getting better numbers and encountering less leaching.

Reisinger says it was time to back those numbers up with some different data in 2019. Because there are many factors that can affect yield, Pivot bio took whole plant samples and tested their nitrogen content. The results were more than positive.

While producers count on more than just nitrogen to grow a crop, Reisinger says giving that peace of mind to farmers about the most important piece of the puzzle is what they are proud to do.

For more information on Pivot Bio and their Proven product, visit their website.