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Pioneer’s Plenish® soybeans offer another market opportunity for growers

Plenish® soybean Marketing Manager Roger Theisen at Corteva field day in Johnston, IA. (Photo by Dustin Hoffmann)

Producers are always looking for a way to be more profitable with their operations. There are always different opportunities out there that might work for your farm. Sometimes it is supplying to a marketplace that you have not considered in the past.

For a customer base that is looking for soybeans that provide healthier options for food sources, one place they are looking is in cooking oil. High oleic soybeans are the answer to that demand, and Pioneer has Plenish® soybeans available for growers to earn more from their soybean acres.

Roger Theisen is the Marketing Manager for Plenish® soybeans. He talked about having a product where the producers can look over their fields and know that their product is going to have a direct impact on a consumer base. He says that the food industry is facing a consumer that has changed in the last decade. He adds that it has really changed in the past eighteen months.

What hasn’t changed is taste. Consumers still want great taste, even though they are wanting a healthier and more sustainable product. Theisen says that Plenish® offers that option for foodservice and at home.

The benefits of Plenish® soybeans to producers is increasing as demand from consumers is increasing.

Plenish comes with Pioneer’s “A-Series” genetics. They carry all the benefits and defensive traits that you find in other Pioneer hybrids.

Except for the need of either separate storage of Plenish® soybeans from your normal traited beans, or taking them to the approved buyers right away, raising them is like raising any other Pioneer soybean.

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

To learn more about Plenish® soybeans, contact your local Pioneer sales rep, or visit the Pioneer website.