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Pioneer study shows SCN at an alarming rate

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We all know about the damage that Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) can cause. Those little pests are robbing several bushels per acre of our soybeans. With the new crop November 2022 beans sitting at just over $15 per bushel, it doesn’t take long to see a dramatic loss of income.

We have been talking about the importance of scouting your fields and fighting SCN head-on. Pioneer has been running tests to see just how bad the infestation has been. The numbers they found are pretty nerve-wracking. Dr. Mary Gumz talks to the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network about some of the shocking numbers they found in some of their studies.

Dr. Gumz explains what defines a medium to heavy infestation.

Gumz adds that if you haven’t checked your fields and their SCN populations lately, this late summer or early fall is the key time to get an accurate picture.

There are many tools in the toolbox to fight SCN. It is more than just a one-source approach to fighting these pests. One tool you can get is Ilevo® HL seed treatment from Pioneer. Partnering that with other tools and crop rotations can help you combat some of the yield losses you see.

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