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Pioneer Agronomist Says NE Iowa Soybeans Are Yielding Big

by Ken Root & Whitney Flach

Troy Deutmeyer is an agronomist with DuPont/Pioneer. He covers an area along the Highway 20 corridor of North East Iowa. “Corn yields are somewhat variable, but soybeans are running five to fifteen bushels above recent years.” Deutmeyer thinks farmers are managing their soybeans better than in the past and are focusing on early planting, pest control and positioning the beans to produce big yields. This year the formula worked.

He spoke with Ken Root about the current harvest in North East Iowa. Deutmeyer said, “There has been good August moisture. A lot comes down to customers are managing their soybeans more intensely like they do their corn. They are allowing the full genetic potential to come through.”

Soybeans use to be flat in their yield Deutmeyer says, “Now, we are getting a combination of better management, better genetics, and some pretty good growing seasons the past couple of years.”

Management practices that Deutmeyer thinks are the most effective for soybean growers are early season weed control, as well as earlier planting dates, and the stressing of potassium and sulfur in soybean crops. “It seems to be paying dividends, Deutmeyer said.”