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Pink at the Pump™ reaches across six states

A renewable fuels group expands its breast cancer awareness campaign beyond state lines.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s (IRFA) Pink at the Pump campaign expands into northwest Missouri. Hometown Fuel in Mercer joins the campaign, providing drivers a healthier fuel choice for a good cause. Lucy Norton serves as managing director for the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. Norton says it is exciting to see other states adopt the campaign.

“We’re reaching more consumers with the message – E15 is a healthier fuel choice. We’re also expanding our fundraiser. We’ll be able to be a bigger supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Hormel Institute. They can further their great work in assisting women with breast cancer, helping with early detection and focusing on research,” Norton said.

E15 retailers in Texas, Virginia, Illinois and Arkansas also adopted Pink at the Pump™. Norton says the campaign targets E15 retailers because blended fuels containing ethanol reduce the amount of cancer-causing chemicals.

“We all know – what goes in your gas tank comes out your tailpipe. This is a way to reduce your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals while helping support a good cause,” Norton said.

To find a participating Pink at the Pump™ station, visit click here.