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Picking the right corn hybrid when money is tight

by Ben Nuelle

LISTEN: Money Matters 11-30-16

Money is tight this year with the slow farm economy so choosing the right corn hybrid is important. What should you consider when purchasing seed for 2017?

Mitch Heisler is an Agronomic Marketing Manager for Wyffels Hybrids.

He says knowledge is power when it comes to picking seed.

“Taking what you learned from this year about your fields and what disease pressure saw and pest pressure you experienced and then working with a knowledgeable seed representative that understand their hybrids and can help you choose hybrids to mitigate those risks you might be facing and set you up for success in 2017.”

Heisler says they have 20 new hybrids for 2017.

“We have outstanding people who understand our products. Our Wyffels representatives and our district sales managers that are out there as the face of Wyffels, they’re farmers on their own and connected to that and understand the challenges our customers are facing.”

Heisler attended the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in Kansas City earlier this month.