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Pharmgate expands their portfolio with vaccinations

Pharmgate has been offering products in the United States for about ten years. They have established themselves as a go-to source for feed added and water-soluble medicines for your hogs. Now, they are taking their products to the preventative side.

Pharmgate’s Ralph Wilson says the company is building on the success of their medication lines by going into vaccines. Wilson says the response has been good, and they are expecting 2019 to be a good year.  Wilson says when you come to the vaccine game late, you better be ready to prove yourself. They are very excited about the results of CircoGard and MycoGard.

Wilson says whether it has been the medicines or the vaccines, you must make sure you are using them responsibly. The consumer wants to know what is in their food and why. Also, the misuse of a product could hasten the advent of a resistant bacterium.

For more information on the Pharmgate line of products, visit their website.