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Paying attention to detail when it comes to your sprayer

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: Money Matters 6-29-16

Paying attention and making sure your sprayer is always in working order could save you money. Growers who pay attention from sprayer preparation to cleanup can reap big dividends.

Andy Asbury, an Enlist field specialist with Dow AgroSciences covers Iowa and Illinois. Asbury suggests growers consider a few important steps to save time, money and headaches.

“As you go into the season you absolutely should spend a lot of time on sprayer preparation. You spend a lot of time picking out the herbicide you want to use and the weeds you want them to control but then you also have to think about the preparation to make that machine perform well with that herbicide.”

Asbury says one thing that comes to mind is nozzle selection.

“You have to have kind of a good balance for droplet size for coverage. But yet not going so small that you could have increased drift potential from small droplet size. That is definitely important as we go into the post Soybean season in 2016.”

He says crop stage is important when you’re thinking about herbicides with residuals.

“Definitively in corn there are various labels you have to follow. But it’s really driven a lot around the weed height because the weed height drives the rate of herbicide to make sure you are getting the effective control of those weeds out of that herbicide.”