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Pandemic a blessing in disguise for farm direct sales

Dustin Hoffmann talks with Nick Griffieon. (Photo by Jenna Hoffman)

A year ago, I had the chance to go out to the Griffieon Family Farm just north of Ankeny. I was out there to talk about the family’s involvement with selling seed corn for Wyffels. However, I learned so much more about that family and their operation. Not only do they sell seeds and farm, but they also have a farm-direct meat business. I checked in with the Griffieon Family once again, to see how this pandemic has affected their business. It sounds like they have a good problem.

Audio: Full Interview with LaVon Griffieon

LaVon Griffieon is the matriarch of the family and she oversees the farm’s direct meat marketing operation. They sell non-GMO fed beef, pork, lamb, turkey, and chicken. Not only do they sell meat, but they also have laying hens producing eggs. With the changes the public has made in purchasing food over the past few weeks, Griffieon says it is easy to notice things have changed.

LaVon tells us about the different ways people can get their products. Farm-direct or from the Iowa Food Coop.

Griffieon says they are seeing more of their customers who buy from them during the Ankeny Farmers’ Market. Some of them are customers they had not seen in a while, but now they are coming back to get their food from a trusted source who can benefit during this time.

However, they are also seeing an uptick in new customers as well. LaVon tells us how the increased demand has affected their supply.

You can learn more about the Griffieon Family Farm and what they have available for purchase by calling (515) – 964 – 0876. You can also learn more about them on iowafarmfresh.net.