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Organic checkoff is not a good idea

Profit Matters 3-9-17

Organic Food Production is increasing as more markets for it are opened up. Grocery store chains are incorporating organic fruits and vegetables into their produce aisle and many packaged products are labeled “organic.”

John Block has a problem with the federal government, and the agency he once ran, promoting organic food over other types of production.

“I don’t think the USDA should be partner and supporter of a program to discourage adoption of modern agricultural technology. Our ag industry is productive, efficient, and sustainable. We don’t want to go back to farming like my grandfather, Block said.”

There is a move toward an organic checkoff for promotion of these products. It would be administered by the USDA like many other checkoff programs that exist today.

“An organic checkoff program could raise millions of dollars and be used to mislead the public into thinking that organic is better, safer, and more nutritional than conventional raised crops.”

Block concluded, “We need to make science based decisions. We don’t need to be funding more faults and misleading claims.”

Before he spoke about organic food, he had a few words of remembrance for Former Ag Secretary Clayton Yeutter who passed away last week at age 86. “He was a good friend and champion for the ag industry and the country. He will be missed.”

John Block’s commentary is underwritten by John Deere and the National Corn Growers Association.